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This is where our volunteers blog about their experiences here. Visit our BLOG to see what our volunteers have to say!

"You will discover that you have two hands. One is for helping yourself and the other is for helping others." —Audrey Hepburn, actress and humanitarian

One will find that the volunteers at Kreta Ayer Seniors Activity Centre are a varied lot. We come from all walks of life, from students to working adults and more. Some of us speak Mandarin, Teochew, Hokkien, Cantonese, Bahasa Melayu or even Tamil, but what matters most isn't what language or dialect we speak; it is about a common willingness to enrich the lives of the lower income elderly.

Whether it is organising an afternoon of games, an outing to Botanic Gardens, or a casual chit-chat tea session, no volunteering effort is too small. All we need is your time. You are most welcomed to find out more about us from our blog

If you are interested, contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

If you are currently a volunteer of KASAC or had volunteered in KASAC related activities in the past, please fill out the following form. This is for record purposes so that we can invite you to our volunteers' blog.

If you are not a volunteer but interested in becoming one, kindly fill up the form as well so that we can contact you. However, we will only consider student volunteers at the moment. (From an educational institution)

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